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Terms and Conditions Accommodation

  1. A reservation is made through the reception desk, in writing, by telephone, fax, email or by completing the booking form on our website. We recommend clients to include their telephone number where you can be with the Client in case we need to contact.
  2. Reservations accepted and confirmed flophouse U Pekina is for both parties binding.
  3. To accept reservations pension is entitled to require the Client guarantees and the payment of an advance invoice in the amount of 50% of the total amount reserved uybtování.
  4. The client is obligated to pay the deposit specified maturity date and send proof of pension payments. If the client refuses, not guest house also made a reservation and is not bound by the Client guarantee facility ordered beds.
  5. Price for accommodation will be paid in cash or by credit card at the reception desk or bank transfer to the pension account.
  6. The client is obliged to pay for accommodation or a surcharge on arrival.

Accommodation in Hotýlek U Pekina

  1. The client is obliged to accommodate the day of his accession to 20.00 pm. Later onset is possible only by prior arrangement with the reception Hotýlek U Pekina. In the event that the Client without prior appointment or an excuse fails to arrive to 20.00 pm, the pension is entitled to occupy the room by another person or require the Client to pay full price for accommodation.
  2. The client is obliged to leave the room the day of departure until 10.00 hours.
  3. In the event that a guest forwarded room with an incomplete or faulty device, it will damage the full amount credited for the payment.
  4. Pension liable for any loss or damage to goods and property, Guest incurred by his own carelessness or negligence and for items stored outside the designated area.
  5. Guests are not allowed to take into the room sports equipment and other items for which custody is reserved to a different location.
  6. Inside, the entire building is strictly no smoking !!!

Cancellation Policy

  1. Cancellation conditions apply to cancellations by the Client.
  2. Pension is committed not to charge cancellation fees in case of cancellation 30 days before arrival.

    Pension is entitled to charge cancellation fees for orders under the following conditions:
    - in writing or by e-mail confirmed reservation can be canceled without cancellation fee no later than 30 days before arrival only in writing or e-mail.
    - Cancellation fee in case of cancellation 30 to 10 days before the announced arrival are 50% of the total price.
    - Cancellation fees in case of cancellation of bookings from 9-4 days before arrival are 75% of the total price.
    - for cancellations less than 4 days before arrival will, or cancellation during the stay is charged 100% of the total price. (In the case of disease does not charge a cancellation fee, provided that we manage doobsadit loose capacity. Otherwise, offered an alternative date for lodging).
  3. In the event of cancellation due to extenuating circumstances (death in family, hospitalization of the customer or a family member, serious illness, natural disaster), the cancellation fee is charged. Above, the customer must provide written proof of the house within 3 days of the event.In case of cancellations for other serious reasons, the agreement may change the date.

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